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We have huge opportunities for software in NZ. As it turns out, smaller teams of T-shaped people can do amazing things. Isn't that our national identity? People emigrating for a better life, applying skills and hard work? Can we get better at delivering software and outstrip agriculture in GDP?



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Terraform. OMG by Julian Simpson

Recently I found myself in the rare situation of needing to interview for a job ( spoiler: I got it). They asked for a technical test, so I made a thing.

Terra uses Packer and Terraform to build an AMI and deploy it. The only thing...

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Ersatz AWS Cost Allocation by Julian Simpson

I’m evaluating a tool to help keep tabs on our AWS spend. One challenge is that they don’t yet support AWS Cost Allocation tags. I find these to be a godsend for working out who created AWS resources. So I agreed to whip up a quick lambda script to get the cost allocation tag and expose as ...

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DevOps Days NZ 2018 by Julian Simpson

I’m very happy to be a member of a highly effective distributed team. We get things done, we look after each other, and enjoy doing what we do.

This team isn’t at my day job: it’s the DevOps Days NZ organisers. That team has delivered 2 of the 3 total DevOpsDays NZ conferences, and w...

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Long distance travel tips by Julian Simpson

We’re a long way from anywhere in New Zealand, exception for Australia or Fiji. There’s a lot more conferences outside of our region. Travelling 12 hours or more is hard.

When I started travelling long distances I wasn’t very good at it, so I thought I’d share what I learned the hard ...

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Across the ditch by Julian Simpson

I’m a huge AWS fan, but I have some reservations about using it for this site:

  • It’s an NZ site: I don’t expect there to be an NZ region for quite some time

  • It’s fine to use the bells and whistles like AWS Cert Manager and ELB. At some point you...

So after my gushing post about the wonders of Snap, ThoughtWorks shut it down. The official, off the record line was that they didn’t have the user engagement numbers to justify the development efforts. I can als...

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Moving House by Julian Simpson

You’d think that writing the occasional blog post would be easy when you work at home. Apparently not.

The first post on The Build Doctor was written in November 2007, A decade ago and half a world away. The name was chosen to establish my reputation as a fixer of build and ...

Some time ago, I worked at ThoughtWorks.  It was my job to ensure that the CI server was accurately giving feedback to the team,and that we had a remote hope of deploying applications into production.  ThoughtWorks had (and has) some incredible people: I probably should have stuck around...

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DevOps Conference Calendar by Julian Simpson

Neal Mueller asked me to share his DevOps Conferences site.  Nice to have a list of relevant conferences.  I'd love to be able to subscribe to them, so I could be reminded to look into proposals before the deadline.  Mind you, that would mean...

When Atlassian came out with AWS integration, it was a great step forward.

Jenkins an...

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