DevOps for NZ.

We have huge opportunities for software in NZ. As it turns out, smaller teams of T-shaped people can do amazing things. Isn't that our national identity? People emigrating for a better life, applying skills and hard work? Can we get better at delivering software and outstrip agriculture in GDP?



There might be a team of people in your company.  They could be responsible for:

  • Storing built versions of your code in a repository
  • Ensuring that you can reproduce each one of those builds
  • Tracking changes in the projects
  • Baselining and ...

Last year my employers engaged a firm to do a non-core (and frankly, annoying) IT project.  We reasoned that their experience in their domain would mean that they'd have a better chance of success.

It turned out that their business was built around software from a third party suppli...

I wanted to share the details of a few conferences.  I won't be there, because I enjoy a life that's mostly free of jetlag and commuting.

Guest Post by Brian Whipple, Marketing & Communications Manager at

There is a commonly known rule in business called the ...

I’ve been making dashboards for some stats we track at work.  I don’t want to trust another organisation with our data; too many dragons.

So that leaves an OSS framework.  I’m using Dashing right now to hit API’s for Google Analytics, Pingdom, e...

Happy New Year.

I'm speaking about Graphs and Neo4j at next Friday.  Don't think I'm the star attraction though, I think that's Linus.

If you can’t dispose of toxic waste (say, by burning it or launching it into space using surplus ICBM’s), then you pro...

So, I return to New Zealand. Spend most of a year hiding in a cabin and then fail to organise any events. And now they’ve all come at once:

2013 was busy.  It's hard to work remotely with people who are literally on the other side of the planet.  Remote helps explain why: there's no overlap, apart from what overlap I make myself.

To make things more busy, we ended up bu...

  • Resharper 8 is out, making Visual Studio usable [link]
  • Also YouTrack 5, I've never had the pleasure of that particular issue manager [link...

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