Moving House

You’d think that writing the occasional blog post would be easy when you work at home. Apparently not.

The first post on The Build Doctor was written in November 2007, A decade ago and half a world away. The name was chosen to establish my reputation as a fixer of build and release processes. Industry has changed and so have I, so it’s time for a new thing.

In a rare moment of foresight I registered some time ago, which allowed me to get this domain.

So I’ve migrated the last few posts from the old site; old content on The Build Doctor will stay where it is. Content is generated using Jekyll. Amazing as Bootstrap is, I wanted to avoid it; so I kicked the tyres on Bulma as a CSS framework. Nginx serves the static files that are generated.

There is some front-end work to do, but I’m happy with the 99/100 PageSpeed score. I decided to inline the entire CSS framework in the template rather than load something externally: Internet speeds aren’t the bottleneck thanks to our Ultra-Fast Broadband program, browsers are probably a bigger issue.

As the content is all static HTML there’s no need to load jQuery or any other libraries.

We’re presently deployed on AWS in Sydney. Oops, wrong colony. I’d actually like an NZ IP address, so I’ll be switching to a NZ based host when I find a VPS host who can do the SSL cert.

Now I should write something.