Upcoming conferences that I won't be at, April 2015

I wanted to share the details of a few conferences.  I won't be there, because I enjoy a life that's mostly free of jetlag and commuting.

  • The Jenkins peeps are doing a world tour of the US East Coast, Europe, Israel, and the US West Coast.  That's over summer if you're in the Northern Hemisphere.  They'll be doing a CD Summit at each of those conferences.
  • CITCON Europe is in Helsinki, in September.
  • CITCON North America is in October this.  In Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • We hope to get CITCON Australia New Zealand organised for 2016.  We need lots more conferences in New Zealand; we have great coffee, a delightful semi-tropical climate and Raspberry Lamingtons.
  • At Neo, we're doing GraphConnect Europe (in London) in May.