News, 17 July 2013

Happy summer, Northern Hemisphere dwellers.  There's a break in the rain at Build Doctor South HQ, have some news:

  • IBM acquired UrbanCode.  I guess Build Forge wasn't addressing the DevOps market the way UrbanCode had.  Top marks to Maciej, Eric, and the guys for a) building multi-stage CI in 2006, and b) pivoting and responding to DevOps.  One consequence of the deal is, they are no longer blog sponsor for The Build Doctor.  Thanks for your support over the years, guys! [Link]
  • Team City 8 is out, and it's more affordable.  It looks like they focussed on making it a load more usable and faster.  [Link]
  • Sonatype just launched Nexus Pro CLM edition, which allows you to set per-environment policies for artifact promotion.  They are still banging the security drum.  It makes me wonder about the viability of an attack via the M2 repository.  In other news, would you like to use my new meta logging library that delegates to every other logger in the world? It doesn't phone home, honest. [Link]
  • Electric Deploy now integrates with PTC Integrity.  I have to admit that I'd never heard of the latter tool. [Link]
  • Atlassian have release Bamboo 5, with better support for Release Candiates, deploy jobs,  and features (authorization and communication) about those.  Looks useful.  I'm going to investigate further.  [Link]
  • Speaking of Bamboo, there's a security advisory, get your upgrades in. [Link]
  • Sauce Labs have announced multi user accounts, and a round of funding - congratulations!  [Link]
  • CloudBees have a new LTS release of Jenkins, with an emphasis on availablity, including the ability to restart aborted builds [Link]