News, January 14

  • Ancient Configuration Management community, cmcrossroads has relaunched, by it's new owners TechWell.  It'll be interesting to see how this works out.  Configuration Management is one of the disciplines that's been folded into DevOps - but will we lose something in the cooking? [link]
  • Rubymine Enoki will be officially released soon, with some very basic Puppet support - syntax highlighting, and a basic first pass at validation.  Keep those bug reports coming!
  • Go is affected by the Ruby security bug.  Go install the patch, right now. [link]
  • There are Puppet Camps in SF, Sydney and Ghent this January.    Sydney's a mere 1337 miles away (auspicious number) from Build Doctor HQ, but I'm unlikely to make that one. [link]
  • UrbanCode (who sponsor this blog) just releases uRelease 4.0, giving more orchestration goodness. [link]