News, January 2

  • Tonight, we did some tree maintenance at the New Zealand Build Doctor HQ: some of them haven't been trimmed in 15 years.  I was reminded of an old PragDave post. [link]
  • Malte Ressin (nice guy who I met at XP Day in 2011) is doing a survey on software development and localisation.  Want to do him a  good turn while you're still full of Christmas Cheer? [link]
  • Urbancode (Sponsor Danger) are doing a webinar on managing dependencies at build time. [link]
  • SauceLabs have an OSX client so you can sport a ponytail (OK, I did Mac support in the 90's) and do browser testing on real operating systems.  They're also giving away free service to OSS projects.  [link]
  • Splunk are courting developers with a REST API on Splunk Storm (I always misread that), and Java/Python SDK's for the enterprise product [link]
  • Update: I forgot to mention that Heroku now support Jruby. Huge. [link]
Happy 2013, everyone.