DevOps for NZ.

We have huge opportunities for software in NZ. As it turns out, smaller teams of T-shaped people can do amazing things. Isn't that our national identity? People emigrating for a better life, applying skills and hard work? Can we get better at delivering software and outstrip agriculture in GDP?



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The Benefits of Fail-Safe Application Deployments by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

(A guest post by Dan Gordon of Electric Cloud)

Enterprises are building, testing, and deploying software faster and more frequently now than at any point in the past. Faced with unprecedented demands, many of these software development...

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News, 17 July 2013 by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

Happy summer, Northern Hemisphere dwellers.  There's a break in the rain at Build Doctor South HQ, have some news:

  • IBM acquired UrbanCode.  I guess Build Forge wasn't addressing the DevOps market the way UrbanCode had.  Top marks to Maciej, Eric, an...
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Conference appearances, 2013 by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

My blogging break has been so long, I feel like a vampire emerging from the grave in a Hammer Horror film.

I'm interrupting my relentless working day to announce that I'll be at:

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News, February 19 by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}
  • Bamboo 4.4 includes loads of performance tuning, and virtual private cloud support for build agents.
  • If you haven't upgraded Go and Mingle this year, go and do it right now.  Go has had 2 vulnerabilities via ...
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Work with me at our funded Silicon Valley startup by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

We're looking for someone to help extend and run our Cloud platform.

This is a role in a small team with lots of autonomy: we want to build an awesome cloud service to match our awesome product.  We're funded, we're selling our product like hotcakes and  we want you.  Link belo...

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Writing a Neo4j Puppet module for fun and profit by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

I haven't had a chance to do any code in public recently.  Skewer and XFD have had to take a back seat to the day job, where I've been working on our Jan 21, 2013

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News, January 14 by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}
  • Ancient Configuration Management community, cmcrossroads has relaunched, by it's new owners TechWell.  It'll be interesting to see how this works out.  Configuration Management is one of the disciplines that's been folded into DevOps - but will we lose som...
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News, January 2 by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}
  • Tonight, we did some tree maintenance at the New Zealand Build Doctor HQ: some of them haven't been trimmed in 15 years.  I was reminded of an old PragDave post. [link]<...
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Cartoon: The DevOps Team by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

Happy Xmas,...

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News, December 19 by {"login"=>"simpsonjulian", "email"=>"", "display_name"=>"builddoctor", "first_name"=>"Julian", "last_name"=>"Simpson"}

I'm hearing a new noise from my office: birdsong and sheep.  Makes a change from suburban Woking.  The Build Doctor Inc. has moved it's HQ from the UK to a more beneficial tax regime: New Zealand.

  • Bamboo 4.5 lets you rewrite history by re-running old builds and targetting new revi...

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